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Jasa Pembuatan Website Sekolah

Problems & Solutions

In today’s digital 4.0 era, the credibility and visibility of schools is very important. Therefore, Kalyana Tech through its School Website Development service offers educational website development solutions to help increase the credibility and visibility of schools through an easier and more reliable flow of information dissemination.

An educational institution can utilize the right and fast media to support the advancement of the quality of education in Indonesia. By using the School Website Development Service, some of the benefits you can get are:

Effective promotional media for schools
Increase school credibility
Easy access to information about the school

As a professional school website development service provider, we provide website development solutions for SD, SMP, SMA / SMK, campuses, and pesantren, as well as other educational institutions / institutions to help increase credibility and ease of information delivery.

School Website Key Features

Unlimited Server

The support of litespeed technology and cloud system allows the capacity and bandwidth of the hosting server to be unlimited. This ensures that the website is always 100% online without any technical issues.

Online PPDB Features

Registration of prospective students can be done online through filling out the registration form, and all data will be automatically entered into the school database.

Responsive Design

The website can be accessed through laptop devices, PCs, computers, and mobile phones with a design that has been adapted to be easily accessible to users.

Online Learning

The student learning method is done online using a cell phone. Assignments can be downloaded, done, and uploaded back through the cell phone.

Civitas Data Management

We provide management of new student enrollment data, active student database, teacher data information, and other information according to school needs to be displayed on the website.

Ease of Management

We provide a website administrator guide without the need to use certain codes. The ease of managing a website with multiple administrators allows more than 1 admin to manage it.

Consulting Assistance

Free consulting services for the development phase and adding facilities on the website and taking into account the technical side and security effectiveness

Data Security Guarantee

The website is equipped with SSL security protocol so that the website data presented will be automatically encrypted and safe to use.

Account Email

Email account facility using the school website address to send data, information between schools so that it can be received without waiting for a long time.

Multiple Admin

A feature that allows more than 1 admin to manage the website simultaneously, with administrator roles that can be created according to school needs.


Features that allow admin staff to always be available if there are users / visitors who want to ask questions through the website using livechat or whatsapp

System Integration

The website can be integrated with systems from educational institutions such as tracerstudy or CBT systems that can be maximally utilized by schools.

School Website Development Price

Paket Small

IDR 2.5jt
  • Domain Options,,,
  • 3 Email Account
  • 5 Pages
  • SEO Basic 1 month
  • Social Media Integration: Facebook
  • Update & Revision: 1x/month
  • Livechat: WhatsApp
  • Free Repair of Technical Issues

Paket Medium

IDR 4jt
  • Domain Options,,,
  • 5 Email Account
  • 10 Pages
  • SEO Basic 2 month
  • Social Media Integration: Facebook and Twitter
  • Update & Revision: 2x/bulan
  • Livechat: WhatsApp + Livechat Extension
  • Free Repair of Technical Issues

Paket Large

IDR 5jt
  • Domain Options,,,
  • 10 Email Account
  • 15 Pages
  • SEO Basic 3 month
  • Social Media Integration: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Update & Revision: 3x/bulan
  • Livechat: WhatsApp + Livechat Extension
  • Free Repair of Technical Issues


A school website is an online media used by the school academic community to disseminate information from and for the school. Information can include registration, activities, facilities, schedules and other needs to support the learning process.

Every school and campus must have a website as a means of supporting learning. In addition, the website also functions as an information media and registration portal for prospective new students. In addition to being time efficient, the website also plays an important role as a promotional tool in this modern era.

To order a school website, you can directly choose a package according to your current needs. Follow the order flow, fill in the data completely and you will get an order invoice sent via email to make payments immediately.

After you get the invoice, you can make a down payment of at least 50% of the selected package. Payment can be made using bank transfer, mobile banking, internet banking or SMS banking. Don’t forget to confirm so that we can work on your order immediately.

For the website process, we need the following data.

School Profile Details
Teacher and Teaching Staff Data
Student Data
Domain Registration Requirement Documents (Principal ID Card & Registration Request Letter)
Agenda & Activity Information
Achievements & Facilities
Photos of Rooms, Buildings, etc.
Logo (if already exist)

The use of the Domain Name extension for schools must have documents including:

Scan of Principal’s ID Card
Scan of Education Decree
Scan of domain registration application letter and power of attorney

The requirements for the domain for university/campus purposes are:

Scan of Rector’s ID Card
Scan of Education Decree
Scan of domain registration application letter and power of attorney

Tim support kami siap membantu Anda untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan ataupun kesulitan dalam mengelola websitenya. Anda tidak perlu takut atau ragu karena seluruh sistem yang kami buat sangat mudah untuk dikelola, bahkan jika Anda belum mengerti mengenai website.

Customers will get all access to the website, starting from access to cPanel Hosting, Website Administrator, and Email Administrator. In addition, customers also get a complete website usage guide

Kalyana Tech ensures that all data on the website is safe and provides a guarantee in case of data loss with a daily backup system.

Basically, the school website has a main system, namely :

New student registration portal (PPDB)
Learning material upload media (Teacher)
Student and Teacher Data
Information and Promotion
School email (for teachers or administrative staff)

Generally, school website development time ranges from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. It can be less or more depending on the needs and scope of the website.